Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review - Salvation's Reach

+++ Today, Taken staff writer, Mike Major reviews the book 'Salvation's Reach' by the one and only Dan Abnett.+++

++Dan Abnett's 'Salvation's Reach'++
++Salvation's Reach, by Dan Abnett++

First of all – I’m not going to do spoilers here, so don’t worry.

In the last few Ghosts books Dan has taken us all over the place. From the Gothic horror of bad rock Jago in ‘Only in Death’ to the almost slightly tongue in cheek ‘Blood Pact’ to this newest offering, ‘Salvation’s Reach’.

After their experiences on Jago and Balhaut, the Ghosts have been sitting. Now, finally it is time for them to get back into the action and, as with all his recent Ghosts books, Mr. Abnett does not disappoint. The action is riveting and enjoyable with just enough flavour to make you feel you’re always in the 40k universe. These last few books have been very well written and solid and this one is no exception.

That said – there is one thing about Salvation’s Reach to keep in mind. This is not a book for new Ghost fans. More than anything else, more than the battles and stealth and various armed tangles large and small, this is a book about family. It’s a book about the Ghosts as a regimental family. New blood, old blood, feuds and brotherhood. It’s all in there. If the book has a flaw it is that it assumes you already know the Ghosts and their complex history. Their interpersonal and familial relationships. A great deal of time is spent in the quietude of the regimental halls of various transport ships learning about the lives of the regiment when it is not in battle.

Like all things Abnett – Salvation’s Reach opens new doors. We’ve known forever that there is a retinue or entourage which follows around on the coat tails of Imperial Guard regiments. Now we get to know them a bit. Experience the Crusade through their eyes.

If you are a fellow ‘guard-o-phile’ the book is worth the read simply to bring you the feel of what it is like to live the IG lifestyle.

If you are a Ghosts fan, it’s a must read and a page turner. Abnett is doing good work here. He’s been at the top of his form for a while and, while this book doesn’t have the impact of “Only in Death” it has a depth of clan feeling that I’ve been wanting from the Ghosts for some time.

For those new to the Daniverse – leave this one for a bit. Read the earlier books. Get to know these men and women. THEN read Salvation’s Reach. I promise you the extra time will be worth it for the additional depth of feeling you will get back.

Now – ‘Read a Book!’

- +++Taken Staff, Mike Major+++

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